love was russian roulette; i had the safety on

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explain to me.

I wish one of you or anybody could explain to me all of the questions that rest on my brain. Explain why some people are gifted with the happy, promising thoughts of the tomorrow, and why some are sunken into the wrinkled sheets of their bed, with no reason to get up. Explain to me why everyday someone loses someone they love, dropping to their knees burrowing their heads in their palms, but filthy, unworthy souls live on. Explain to me why I stayed up countless nights rocking back and forth in my bed crying because he didn’t want me anymore; and explain to me why he could sleep.

why ¿

the last days

zakk asked if he could light his cigarette in the back of jakes truck. jake told him that if he did the whole truck would blow up because something was wrong with his truck, zakk having the cigarette dangling out of his mouth, took it out, smiled and winked at me

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